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Matt Weaver

Class of 2012, Computer Science
Kansas City, MO

Matt WeaverMatt Weaver, senior computer science major at Westminster, recently finished his second internship with Travelport in Kansas City. Travelport is a leading provider of critical transaction processing solutions to companies operating in the global travel industry. This year, Matt interned as an analyst and has been part of several report development projects.

The highlight of Matt's summer? Meeting the Travelport CIO via video conference. "The Chief Information officer, Mark Ryan, even called me out over a video conference call and told me to lose the tie because he is the only one who needs to wear a tie. For Mark Ryan to acknowledge me personally was amazing, not many people get to speak to him let alone an Intern."

Here's how Matt's internship has influenced his career goals:

"Last year I was more of a programmer and I realized that I did not want to do that as a career if I do not have to. I will program, but would prefer something different. This year being an analyst, I have enjoyed the work. It is much more interesting than programming. I like interacting with the customer and learning about the projects. It is something different every week and that is what I am looking for in a career. I would love to be hired on full-time by Travelport doing analyst work after I graduate in the Spring."

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