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Raisa Ramalho

Class of 2012, Economics
Ministry of Finances of Mozambique, National Treasury Office
Maputo, Mozambique

Raisa RamalhoRaisa Ramalho, senior Economics major at Westminster, spent the summer in Mozambique, at the Ministry of Finances of Mozambique at the National Treasury office.

Raisa worked at the National Treasury Department in the department of the External and Internal Debt. She feels fortunate to have obtained this exciting international internship in Africa, since it relates so well to her studies in Economics.

Raisa managed to learn about Mozambique culture in addition to her daily finance-related tasks. "I have been working on the Annual Debt Report making graphs and doing some research. I have also started translating the document to English. I have learned a lot about the country!"

Most notable to Raisa this summer was meeting with the Director of the Maputo, MozambiqueNational Treasury Department of Mozambique. "One interesting thing that happened to me was that I was called to participate in a meeting with the Director of the National Treasury department. I was able to share some of my opinions and take notes on how to improve documents." Pictured left is Maputo, Mozambique, where the Ministry of Finances is located.

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