Student Ambassadors 

Westminster College Student Ambassadors is an organization made up of professional, outgoing and charismatic students. It is our primary mission to build and maintain connections between alumni, other constituents, and the Westminster community. We also have the duty to promote the mission, success, and future of the College. Being concerned with the public relations and advocacy for Westminster College, we recognize that we have the obligation to adhere to the highest standards of student life and the values of the College. 

As Student Ambassadors, we have the opportunity to serve the College in numerous ways.  The  dynamic role of a student Ambassador includes meeting with esteemed campus guests and alumni, giving campus tours, serving as liaisons to the Alumni Council and the Board of Trustees, attending special campus events such as the President’s Dinner, acting as greeters at receptions and alumni events, participating as Road Crew members for the Blue Jay Road Trip, representing the College at all times, and much more.  Student Ambassadors are provided with unique opportunities for networking and leadership development. Because of their dedication to the mission of the College and their pursuit to live the College’s mission, the Westminster College Student Ambassadors enhance the Westminster Community on campus and throughout the world.