Residential Housing Association - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

The role of the Residence Hall Association is to provide a forum for student leaders from each residence hall to come together and interact to make positive changes to the living and learning environment of Westminster College students. The organization is student-led and invites all interested students, faculty, and staff to attend meetings and make known their concerns. Members of RHA recall Westminster's key virtues of integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility when making all decisions, and come together with the goal of making  Westminster College a safer and more enjoyable place for students to live and learn.

Whether you have an idea for a campus-wide event or would like to see some changes within the residence halls, RHA is the place to be.  Meetings are every week at 5:15 in the Jones room near the Dining Hall.

President:  Chris Leonard
Vice President:  Anna Bohn
Treasurer: Cody Powers
Secretary:  Chris Leonard
Advisor:  Erin Edwards