About the Center for Career Development 

Richard Career Resource Center

Vision Statement
 The Center for Career Development is committed to engaging, preparing, and empowering students to succeed in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing global community.

Mission Statement

Meet the Center for Career Development Staff

Full-time Staff  
Meg Langland   Abigail Manwell    
 Meg Langland, M.Ed., LPC    Abigail Manwell, MBA    Susi Wilson
 Director of the Center for
 Career Development
   Assistant Director of the Center
 for Career Development/
 Internship Coordinator
   Office Coordinator, Center for
 Career Development
 P: (573) 592-5381    P: (573) 592-5382    P: (573) 592-5381
 Meg.Langland@westminster-mo.edu    Abigail.Manwell@westminster-mo.edu   Susi.Wilson@westminster-mo.edu 

Interested in joining our staff?
If you are interested in being considered for one of our student assistant positions, please complete our student application and e-mail it to Susi.Wilson@westminster-mo.edu or drop it by our office in the lower level of Newnham Hall.