Career Development - Internships - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

Welcome to the Westminster College Internship Program!

Westminster College understands and supports the value of experiential education.

An internship IS:
An opportunity to
-apply classroom learning to a real-world environment
-make a meaningful contribution to an organization 
-learn and investigate potential career pathways 
-gain entry-level experience in a particular field 

 **The singular best way to discover if a profession is right for you!**

An internship is NOT: 
-a part-time job
-a volunteer position
-a chance to improve your coffee-fetching or filing skills
-100% grunt work

The Internship Program at Westminster College is your opportunity to expand your boundaries by undertaking a planned, intentional, professionally-supervised work experience that relates to your career interests and academic program. 

For more information:
Contact the Internship Coordinator at 573-592-5382 or

-David's chances of full-time employment with Enterprise increased dramatically after he completed an internship with them.