Time Commitment 

Prior to Sponsoring an Intern
  • Attend Faculty Sponsor Workshop or meet with the Internship Coordinator.
  • Initial meeting with student to discuss sponsorship.
  • Exploration and development of learning goals and contact with student.

Contact with Student during Internship

  • Read weekly journal entries and respond.
  • Discuss assigned readings as they apply to internship experience.
  • Discuss evaluations at mid-semester and end of semester.
  • Available to discuss any problems.
  • Supervision of Final Project.

Contact with Internship Site Supervisor (optional)

  • Initial contact to introduce self and explain role.
  • Mid-semester contact to assess student's progress and to identify any problems.
  • On-site visit is strongly encouraged, if available. The Internship Coordinator makes every effort to visit credit-bearing interns on site.

Contact with Internship Coordinator

  • Phone, e-mail as needed.
  • Inform immediately if problems arise.
  • The Internship Office will forward the student's internship file to the faculty sponsor throughout the term.

For more information:

Contact the Internship Coordinator by emailing internship@westminster-mo.edu, calling 573-592-5382, or visit the Internship Office at Newnham Hall, lower level.

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