Internship Credit 

An internship can be done any time by anyone and should always be noted on a resume. If a student would like the experience to appear on his/her transcript, the requirements for credit are listed below. Westminster College understands the importance of an internship experience and works with students whether they plan to intern on a part-time or full-time basis.

In order to register for credit, the internship MUST be reported through our online system, Columns CareerLink. For login information, contact the Center for Career Development at  

Full-time internships (ITS 409):
Students may earn up to 12 credit hours for an approved internship. The requirements and assignments are different than traditional internships and are explained in more detail here.

Career Exploration Internship (ITS 199):

  • Usually sophomores (27 credits completed), though juniors and seniors are welcome
  • One-credit on- or off-campus internship
  • Minimum of 35 site hours (2-3 hours/week)
  • The faculty sponsor is the Assistant Director of the Center for Career Development Services/Internship Coordinator.
  • Assignments are geared toward understanding how the internship fits into overall career exploration; general workplace preparedness activites are also required.

Part-Time (Traditional) Internships (ITS 399):

  • Contact the Internship Coordinator.
  • A student must have completed 57 credit hours (junior status) and have at least a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to receive credit.
  • Registration for internship credit must be completed by the deadline (see below). Students should also watch e-mails and be in touch with the Internship Coordinator for the most current deadline dates.
  • An intern needs to work 35 hours on site AND complete 10 hours of academic assignments for the faculty sponsor for each credit hour s/he wishes to receive. Therefore, to earn 3 credits, the student will need to work a minimum of 105 hours and complete 30 hours of academic work within a semester. Retroactive credit will not be given. Credit is awarded on CR/D/F basis.
  • Students will develop learning goals detailing what they plan to learn from the experience. They will also document how they plan to meet those goals and how they will demonstrate what they have learned to their faculty sponsor.
  • The faculty sponsor is a faculty member in the academic department through which the student plans to earn credit OR a faculty member with expertise in the field in which the student is doing the internship.
  • Students will submit weekly or bi-weekly learning journals and other assignments to their faculty sponsor.
  • Student and supervisor evaluations will be completed at the mid-term and end of the semester.
  • Students will complete a final project, which is determined by the faculty sponsor. This provides the means for the faculty sponsor to evaluate the overall accomplishment of the student's learning goals. 

  • Pre-registration for an internship is requested.
  • Students must be officially registered for an internship by the last drop date for the Spring/Fall semester and by June 15 during the summer.
  • Internship deadlines will be upheld. Internships cannot be added after the deadlines.
  • All internships must be completed by the beginning of the next term; all academic work is due by that time.
  • No retroactive credit is offered. All assignments must be completed within the timeframe of the internship.
Internship Roles 
  • Students are responsible for defining their own learning outcomes within the parameters of their work environment and are expected to become participating members of the sponsoring organization. Students reflect upon and communicate the learning that is occurring by completing a learning journal, participating in regular meetings with a faculty sponsor, and developing a final project.

  • Faculty Sponsors provide academic guidance by helping students combine theory with experience. Sponsors meet regularly with students to raise questions, challenge assumptions, and offer assistance. The faculty sponsor also evaluates the experience and assigns credit.

  • Site Supervisors play an important role in helping interns define realistic expectations for the experience and providing training and on-site guidance. Supervisors also provide valuable information on the student's progress.
  • The Internship Coordinator is the connection among the members listed above. The Coordinator assists in the development of internships, screens and prepares students, and maintains contact with all parties involved.

For more information:  

Contact the Internship Coordinator at  or 573-592-5382.

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