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Interested in an internship? 

1.  As you begin, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why do I want to do an internship? Experience? Credit? Both?
  • Where am I willing to go? Stay local or look at new locations?
  • When do I do one? During the academic year, you can work between classes. During the summer you can work more intensely.

2.  Meet with the Internship Coordinator to discuss learning goals, research openings, and work on application materials (resume, cover letter).

3.  Apply for internship opportunities. 

4.  When an internship is obtained, decide whether you want credit for your position. During the academic year there is no charge for internship credit (unless it causes an overload); however, there is a charge for Summer internship credit. 

5.  If you decide to earn credit for the internship, contact Abigail Manwell, Assistant Director of the Center for Career Development/Internship Coordinator, to discuss registering for credit and the required assignments.


Caity Z
-Caity Z. holding a pillow
she made out of a t-shirt for the American Cancer Society

For more information:

Contact the Internship Coordinator at 573-592-5382 or

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