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Sexual Responsibility

The Wellness Center encourages students to choose to engage in sexual behaviors that are in alignment with his/her own morals, values, and beliefs, including abstinence as a choice at any time. The Wellness Center offers programming and resources to empower students to choose health-enhancing behaviors by encouraging safer sex practices if a student decides to engage in sexual activity to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies.

The Wellness Center Provide

  • Free Condoms
  • STI testing
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Plan B
  • Walk-in Services
  • Counseling Services

The Wellness Center also partners with other campus groups and community resources to promote healthy relationships and reduce the incidence of sexual violence and relationship violence including sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence. See additional links for more information about Healthy Relationships, Sexual Assault and Rape, and Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence.

Click here to request a program or presentation. For more information contact the Wellness Programs Director, Anne Rulo at (573)592.5181 or Anne.Rulo@westminster-mo.edu

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