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BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) is a consultation process that takes a sincere look at one's attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors around the use of alcohol and/or other substances. It is non-confrontational, non-judgmental, and non-labeling; it does not assume anyone has a problem with alcohol and/or other substance use.

BASICS uses a harm reduction approach. One of its primary goals is to assist students in gaining skills and education designed to reduce risky behaviors and harmful effects often associated with alcohol and/or other substance use.

What BASICS Is Not
BASICS differs from other alcohol programs such as Alcohol Anonymous or K-12 schooling initiatives. It is unique in that it is not an abstinence only program. BASICS assists students in learning accurate information about alcohol and/or other substance use, helps the student to identify personal risk factors, and promotes the establishment of more appropriate and safer drinking (and/or other substance use) goals.

What can a Student Learn from BASICS?
  • What constitutes a standard drink and why this is important
  • How to estimate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • How to identify high risk drinking patterns and ways in which to decrease use
  • What a student can avoid and gain through moderation of use
  • Facts on how alcohol affects the body both physically and emotionally (bi-phasic response curve)

The Process:
BASICS consists of two consultation sessions, each approximately 50 minutes in length. During the first session, the student completes a self-assessment questionnaire and a brief one-on-one consultation interview. The second session is a feedback session which is based on the responses from the student's completed self-assessment as well as observations from the initial interview. Both consultations involve discussion of a variety of techniques that can be used to minimize the negative effects and consequences of alcohol and/or other substance use. Approximately one month after both of the consultation sessions are completed, students will receive an optional, confidential survey via email consisting of follow up questions. The goal of the survey is simply to measure student progress and promote program efficacy.

How can I participate in BASICS?
Students can participate in BASICS programming one of two ways; by either contacting the Wellness Center to schedule an appointment or by being referred for such services by the College (e.g. by the Dean of Student Life or Residential & Greek Life) due to an alcohol and/or drug policy violation.

To schedule an initial BASICS consultation, please contact the Wellness Center at (573) 592-5361.

Since the BASICS program is brief in nature (2 consultation sessions), if a student is assessed benefitting from longer-term substance abuse programming OR they express the desire to participate in such programming, the Wellness Center can assist them in locating such services in the mid-Missouri area. A list of area services is provided below:

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