Dining FAQ 

Q. What are Bonus Bucks?
A. Bonus bucks are provided by Fresh Ideas and can be used at the allotted times at JCI or at the Dining Hall by students.

Q. Why can't I take food and drink out of the dining room?
A. Removal of food, beverages, utensils, tumblers, and china are not permitted out of the Dining Room without the permission of the Food Service Director. You are welcome to eat and drink as much as you want while in the dining room, but must keep it within this area. Also, no containers, cups, etc. will be allowed to be carried into the Dining Room. Certain policies and procedures must be followed to maintain a cost-effective and efficient dining program.

Q. Why must I show my ID Card when I come into the Dining Room to eat?
A. Meal cards must be presented to the cashier when you want to eat a meal. Meal cards are non-transferable. These procedures are in place to keep a quality cost-effective program that is maintained for your dining pleasure.

Q. What do I do if I lose my Meal Card/I.D.?
A.  Report lost or stolen cards to the Dining Services Office. You must replace your meal card/I.D. at the Student Life Office. You will be allowed three meals prior to replacement of your meal card/I.D. After that time period, you must pay cash for your meal until you have a valid meal card/I.D. that indicates what meal plan you are on. If you have any questions. please see the Food Service Director, or fill up our feedback page.