Nutrition Info and Special Diets 

Nutritional Information

We know how stressful campus life can be, especially after those long, sleepless nights with either texbooks or friends. This makes maintaining a healthy diet even more important. Which is why we created our Healthy Choice Wellness Program. All items are guaranteed to be low in fat and healthy. Simply look for the Healthy Choice logo and eat with the confidence that you are doing something good for your body!

The goal of the Healthy Choice Program is to provide our customers with comprehensive nutritional and wellness information to promote healthy lifestyles!

The Mueller Leadership Hall has nutritional information for each menu item offered.  You can find nutrition information for our items, along with our weekly menu, here:

Specialty Bars & Wellness Bars

Fresh Ideas understands the importance of keeping things new and ever changing on a daily basis.  Fresh Ideas will provide a Vegetarian entree, Low Fat entree and appropriate side dishes at each meal.

Physician - Planned Diets

If a contract patron is unable for medical reasons to consume the meal served in the dining room, Fresh Ideas will try to provide, at no additional cost to the student or the client, a meal that is consistent with the physician's instructions.

Special Diets

If you have special dietary instructions from your doctor, please let us know! We will be happy to accommodate your dietary needs with a note from your doctor.

Please contact Dining Services at 573.592.5352.

Westminster College also has a registered dietitian on staff in The Wellness Center.  The registered dietitian can assist you in navigating our Fresh Ideas menu to accommodate your special dietary needs.  Contact The Wellness Center for more information at 573.592.5361 or visit the Nutrition Services page.