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Recruitment Counselors

Meet Your 2016 Recruitment Counselors!


Faith Walkley, Senior
Panhellenic V.P. of Recruitment

Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma
Major: Political Science
Minor: Criminal Justice
I could eat chips and queso for every single meal.
Click here to email Faith!


Gabby LaRose, Senior
Panhellenic President

Hometown: O'Fallon, MO.
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Public Health
I am obsessed with the show Friends and have seen all 236 episodes 4 times.
Click here to email Gabby!


Shelby Ledgerwood, Senior
V.P. Panhellenic Programming

Hometown: Clarksville, Tennessee
Major: Psychology
Minor: Early Childhood Education
I have a corgi named Winston, & I’ve learned how to maximize my binge watching Netflix time between classes.
Click here to email Shelby!

Alyssa Johnson, Senior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Counselor

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Business Administration
I'll be traveling to Vietnam for 15 days this summer and then returning to work for the
company I interned for last summer as a marketing intern.

Eva Ottinger, Junior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Counselor

Hometown: Columbia, MO
Major: Business Administration & Finance
I am a total junkie for Criminal Minds and fro yo!

Golly Easterly, Junior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Consoler

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Major: Political Science
This summer I'm working at an internship with Senator John Boozman in his Little Rock office.
I'm so excited for recruitment this year and getting to know all of the incoming freshmen!


Hayley Short, Senior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Counselor

Kaitlin Fitzpatrick, Senior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Counselor

Major: Business Administration, Minor in Accounting
Hometown: Batavia, IL
I'm terrified of spiders and am convinced that I have a 6th sense where
I can immediately find a spider whenever I walk into a room!

Kelli Albrecht, Senior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Consoler

Major(s): Political Science and Homeland Security
Originally From: Houston (Texas County) Missouri
When I was around 6 I accidentally swallowed a diamond ring.

Kellie Kavanaugh, Senior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Consoler

Hometown: Eureka, MO.
Major: Biology
I was Tweety Bird and Taz at Six Flags in the Looney Tunes Show, I love to sing!

Lexi Lopez, Junior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Consoler

Major:Biological Psychology and English
I serve as the Publicity Chair for the Campus Activities Board, I'm a Blue Jay Buddy and a co-manager for the Women's Basketball Team,as well as the occasional substitute for Winston.

Payton Hall, Junior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Consoler

Hometown: Holts Summit, MO
Major: Early Childhood and Elementary Education
My first semester of Freshman year I was on a service project and I tripped and fell crossing the street. I hit the ground so hard that I bounced back up onto my feet like a bop bag toy like we had when we were kids. Mural of the story is that I need bubble wrap.


Taylor Moyer, Senior
Pi Chi - Recruitment Consoler
Hometown: O’Fallon, MO
Major: Biology/Pre Med Minor: Public Health
I have wanted to become a surgeon since 7th grade when I first saw a human cadaver.

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