Greek Terms 

ACTIVE: An initiated member of a fraternity/sorority chapter

ALUMNA: Any initiated member of a sorority who has graduated from college or left college prior to graduation and is no longer affiliated with the collegiate chapter

BID: An invitation from a sorority or fraternity to pledge

BROTHER: An initiated member of a fraternity. It is used as a term of address when an initiated member refers to another member.

CHAPTER: Group of collegians, officially chartered and recognized at a given college or university

CHAPTER ADVISOR: An alumna/alumnus who establishes and maintains a close advisory relationship with a chapter and serves as a teacher, counselor and friend.

COLONY: A new chapter, or chapter returning to campus after an absence. A colony is not a full-fledged chapter of an organization, but is in the process of becoming a chapter and receiving their charter.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Work done by members of a fraternity or sorority to support an organization or cause

CONTINUOUS OPEN BIDDING (COB): Panhellenic sororities term for ongoing, informal recruitment. Chapters participate in COB if they have not yet met house total limit set by Panhellenic

FOUNDER: One who originates or establishes a fraternity or sorority

GOOD STANDING: The status of chapter or an individual when all responsibilities and standards have been met

GREEK: Term applied to all sororities and fraternities

HAZING: While Westminster College and the state of Missouri have a legal definition of hazing, generally speaking, hazing includes any action, participated in voluntarily or involuntarily, by any member of an organization that causes, or is likely to cause, physical, mental, or emotional harm. Please see the Hazing Statement or direct questions to IFC or Panhellenic

HOUSE: A chapter?s living or meeting facility. Never used as a substitute word for "chapter," i.e., a man or woman pledges a chapter, not a house

INITIATE: A man or woman who has undergone the initiation ceremony into a sorority or fraternity

INITIATION: The process by which a pledged (or new) member becomes an active member of an organization

INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC): The governing body of fraternities

INTRAMURALS: Fun sport competitions between the sororities, fraternities, and other organizations on campus. Sports include softball, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, football and many more

LEGACY: A sister/brother, son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter of an initiated member of a sorority or fraternity

MEMBER: Someone who has been initiated into his or her chapter

NEW MEMBER: The term used to describe a member who is not yet initiated into an IFC or Panhellenic chapter

NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE (NPC): A conference body comprised of delegates from the 26 recognized national women?s fraternities

PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION: An organization consisting of both nationally recognized sororities established to promote the Greek system and maintain relations among Greek groups at Westminster College.

PHILANTHROPY: Efforts by fraternities/sororities to raise money for an organization and promote human welfare

POTENTIAL NEW MEMBER (PNM): The term used to describe a man or woman seeking membership in an IFC or Panhellenic organization through the process of Rush for men and Recruitment for women. PNM?s were previously called "rushees".

QUOTA: The number of pledges any chapter may pledge during a specific rush period determined by Panhellenic

RECOMMENDATION or REFERENCE: A written letter or statement from a third party recommending a potential new member for membership in a sorority

RECRUITMENT: Generally refers to the weeklong mutual selection process in which those seeking membership in a Panhellenic chapter participate. Consists of Open Houses and "Formal Recruitment". Organized series of events allowing sororities and PNM?s to meet one another

RHO CHI or RECRUITMENT COUNSELOR: A member of a Panhellenic sorority who disaffiliates during formal recruitment and assists potential new members through the recruitment process