Eco House 

Mission/ Vision:

To provide Westminster's campus and the surrounding community with an environmentally friendly living facility as well as an internship opportunity for students and to help promote sustainable living and educated student, faculty, and the community about environmental issues.

What do we do?

We are working towards creating a physical and permanent structure on Westminster's campus that will embody and promote awareness about the idea of sustainable living.

On Site Utilization of Eco House

The Eco House will serve as a learning facility and residence as well as an internship opportunity. The House will be designed to show students, faculty and the community how individuals can help to alleviate dependency on nonrenewable energy sources, and at the same time save money.

Outreach Programs

Campus Coordination of recycling
Participation in Recyclemania
An Idea House
Meeting facility for ECoS


Living Sustainably

The house will promote sustainable living by utilizing weatherizing methods and the most energy efficient appliances available.

Solar Power

Working with SolarNight and other off-grid companies to install a solar panel that will reduce energy consumption and lower bills.

Landscaping and Gardening

Working with ECoS projects and participants in Campus Organic Garden Project to utilize grounds in most environmentally friendly and productive manner.

Internship Program


Students will live in the Eco House for an academic year; each will serve as an active intern for one semester of that year. Intern duties include:

  • Maintain house and keep ready for visitors
  • Develop an environmentally based project for Westminster's campus or the community
  • Present the Eco House concept and philosophy of sustainable living to First Year and Transfer students during orientation
  • Provide monthly reports to intern sponsor and advisory group using the "progress report sheets" provided.
  • Co-coordinate recycling on campus with Plant Operations.
  • Host a major campus event on environmental sustainability
  • Promote and organize awareness/education events on campus.

Facility Improvements

Upgrade Appliances

Major house appliances will be upgraded to fit Energy Star regulations. Appliances to be upgraded include: Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher. An assessment of the efficiency of the heating/ cooling system will also be conducted.

Insulation & Weatherization

The house insulation of a solar panel will help to reduce energy costs while educating students and community members on photovalic cell systems.

Andaman Odyssey

Eco House will explore the possibility of brining this organization and experiemental education project to campus.