May Term-Summer Housing 

The Office of Residential & Greek Life provides limited housing options for students wishing to reside on campus during the summer months.  In addition, the College contracts housing facilities to outside groups to host various events, conferences and camps during this time.  As a result, students will be consolidated into specific facilities or areas of campus to accommodate campus maintenance schedules, and to honor our outside contracts.

May/Post Term Housing
Housing will be available to students who enroll in an approved May/Post Term course.  Students will be notified via email of their May/Post Term housing assignment, and will be given guidelines about the anticipated timeline of their move.  They will be given approximately 48 hours to complete their move, and will remain in the new housing assignment for the duration of May/Post Term.  May/Post Term housing will close 24 hours after the last day of classes for the term.

The cost of May/Post Term housing is $110 per week, which covers a double occupancy room rate in a campus residence hall, and ten (10) meals per week provided by Fresh Ideas in Johnson College Inn (JCI) Monday through Friday (2 meals per day).  Students are not required to participate in May/Post Term housing if they have other housing options in the local community.  However, we are unable to offer any portion of the May/Post Term meal plan to anyone not in College housing at this time.

If a student is enrolled in a May/Post Term course, but also intends to stay on campus to participate in the Summer Employment Program, they will be charged the May/Post Term rate for the duration of the term.  At the conclusion of the term, their weekly rate will be adjusted to the regular Summer Housing rate.

Summer Employment
Students who participate in the College's Summer Employment Program are eligible for campus housing.  These students will be notified via email of their summer housing assignment, and will be given guidelines about the anticipated timeline of their move.  They will be given approximately 48 hours to complete their move, and will remain in their new housing assignment until mid-July.  At that time, the College will prepare the residents to transition into their fall housing assignment.  This will enable the College to adequately repair and clean the summer housing facilities for new fall residents.

Students participating in the Summer Employment program and residing on campus will be charged a rate of $40 per week (or any portion thereof).  Charges will be assessed at the start of each week, and placed on the student's account through the Business Office.

Additional Considerations for Summer Housing
Students who are participating in a College approved, for credit internship are also eligible for summer housing at the $40 per week rate.  However, they must supply confirmation of their appointment to the Office of Residential & Greek Life before they will be assigned summer housing.

In addition, a student who is enrolled in a minimum six (6) credit hours of coursework for the summer months is also permitted to remain in campus housing. Please note that these six hours must be outside of May/Post Term classes.

Special Requests and Spring Graduates
Students who are working in the Fulton area but are not participating in any of the above listed options may qualify for campus housing at a rate of $80 per week.  However, this is dependent upon the following conditions:  
  • Availability of housing:  The College consolidates residents during the summer for both safety and financial reasons.  The College will be unable to open new housing options (or additional buildings) to accommodate students who do not meet the above criteria.
  • Summer lease options:  There are summer lease options available in the Grove Townhouses and Westminster Apartments, covering the months of June and July.  If you are interested in this option, the summer rates are identical to those during the academic year. In addition, if there are multiple students interested in this option, the College reserves the right to consolidate residents to a minimum number of necessary units.

Spring graduates are eligible for summer housing based upon the following criteria:

  • They have an account balance with the College they are working to pay of before leaving the Fulton area.
  • They must vacate campus housing no later than July 1, 2014.  The College begins transition to fall housing in mid-July, and as recent graduates, there will be no fall assignment to transition into.  Thus, they must arrange alternative accommodations for the remainder of their stay in Fulton.
  • There is space available in our assigned summer housing area.

Summer Housing Grant*
Students with significant financial concerns may apply for a Summer Housing Grant with the College. In addition to meeting our housing criteria listed above, the student agrees to work with Plant Operations for six (6) hours each week to cover the cost of their house ($40/week).  This would be in addition to whatever commitment they have which qualifies them for campus housing, including campus employment, for-credit internship, six credit hours of coursework, or another approved reason.

If a student is approved for this grant, they will be considered a student employee of Plant Operations and must be eligible to work a minimum of six hours each week, working under the supervision of another Plant Operations staff member.  If a student's work is not deemed satisfactory, or they become unreliable, Plant Operations can terminate the grant agreement at that time.

*There will be a separate application to formally apply for this grant, available after a student has been approved for College housing.

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