WC Townhouses 





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The Westminster Grove townhouses are located at the corner of 7th Street and Hickman Avenue (across from football field).The Groves are open to Westminster students that are of sophomore, junior, and senior status.

Each townhouse has 4 single bedrooms, 1 double bedroom, 3 bathrooms, living room, and kitchen.  Four of our 21 units are ADA compliant, one of which is a 3 double bedroom unit.  All units come with the following furnishings:

    Appliances                    Living Room                   Bedrooms                               Other Amenities
    Stove                           Full-size couch                XL Twin bed w/mattress          Cable TV
    Refrigerator                  Matching chair               3-drawer chest                        College LAN
    Microwave                    Coffee table                   Student desk                           Campus Phone
    Dishwasher                   2 end tables                   Desk chair
    Garbage Disposal          3 barstools                                       

                                            Typical Unit Layout                        Building Layout                

*Residents may bring their own bed if desired. All other college-issued furniture must remain in the unit at all times.

Pets, of any kind, are not allowed.  Residents with pets will be subject to a monetary fine for their first offense, and eviction upon their second offense.

Each resident is required to enter a rental agreement (lease) with the Owner/Developer but costs will be charged on a semester-by-semester basis to their student account.  All routine and emergency maintenance will be covered in the rental agreement, as well as a limited amount of custodial service in common areas.  Campus Security patrols the complex regularly.

All residents are required to pay a security deposit of one month's rent prior to signing a lease.  Security deposits can be paid in the Business Office.  In order to sign lease, a paid receipt will be required.  Leases may be signed in the Residential & Greek Life Office.

There are three lease duration options for both Single and Double occupancy rooms.
            5-month:  One semester; either Fall (Aug. 1 - Dec. 31) or Spring (Jan. 1 - May 31).
            10-month:  All academic year (Aug. 1 - May 31)
            2-month:  Summer lease (June 1 - July 31)

The Groves are awarded through an application process that will take place during the Spring semester for the following academic year.  Applications of 6 students are acceptable and are ranked by credit hours and GPA.  All available units will be awarded to those applicant groups which have highest ranking.  One unit is held for incoming transfer students each year to give our new incoming upperclass students the opportunity to experience the Grove as well.

If you have any questions, please email Chrissy Maddox or call the Office of Residential & Greek Life office at (573) 592-5242.