Cultural Diversity - Westmnister College - Fulton, Missouri 

International Club Talent Show 

Individual perspectives keep us strong.  When you bring your unique talents to Westminster College, you are helping us meet our Mission.  It's an opportunity to engage in rewarding experiences, while making a valuable and worthwhile contribution in the midst of our ever world-changing times.  The fact is diversity is no longer just an issue of race.  It has grown to encompass diverse factors as gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability, to name a few.  To stay competitive in the marketplace individuals must grow with the times.  Watch for upcoming programming to help you swim through the sea of diversity we live with today.  A student with a Westminster College education ought to possess a set of abilities, skills and knowledge that makes him or her competent to operate in a global society.

Jill Olson
Program Director, Center for Leadership & Service
Community Engagement & Service Learning
501 Westminster Avenue
Fulton, MO 65251