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My Voice is NOT an emergency service. If you are currently in an emergency situation where immediate medical, police or other emergency services are needed please contact WC Security at 573-592-5555 and/or Fulton Police at 911 or 573-592-3100

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My Voice @ Westminster is... 

An online reporting web site for members of the Westminster community to inform the College administration about incidents of intolerance, issues of campus climate, or behaviors that are inconsistent with Westminster's values.

Westminster College is an institution founded in the values of fairness, integrity, respect and responsibility. Furthermore, it is our mission to create a learning and living environment that is free from discrimination and celebrates the diversity of each and every one of the members of our campus community.

Any behaviors that violate our core values, discriminate against or threaten the inherent dignity of any member(s) of our community are not accepted. Nonetheless, Westminster is not immune to intolerance, problems of racism, sexual preference bias, religious intolerance, sexism, and other actions and / or words that reflect disregard to our campus values.

The purpose of My Voice is to aid the College in assessing the pulse of the Westminster College community with respect to issues of culture, climate, diversity and inclusion. This reporting system also serves as an anonymous and accessible service to communicate issues, activities, events, and / or incidents of concern.

Please note that because of the anonymous nature of the My Voice reports, no disciplinary action can be taken in response to the concerns expressed through this service. If you would like for disciplinary action to follow your report, please refer to the Student HandbookEmployee Handbook (especially the Harassment Policy section), or the Faculty Handbook for the appropriate procedures.

Any reports sent to My Voice will be used to create educational programming on the campus that addresses the roots of the reported incidents. The information submitted to My Voice will be collected to create a report on campus climate periodically that will help evaluate the need for future institutional actions and responses.

We urge all Westminster students, faculty and staff to report incidents of intolerance or bias, issues of campus climate, or behaviors that are inconsistent with Westminster's values. Exercise your voice to strengthen the values of our community.

There are two ways to submit a report:

  1. Follow the Report an incident hyperlink and fill the online form. Please be as detailed as possible and as you feel comfortable with. The more information we receive in an incident the better we will be able to address it.
  2. Send an e-mail directly to our e-mail account (

Please know that regardless of the method of reporting you can choose to remain anonymous or to have your identity known. Notwithstanding the nature of your report, the recipient of your My Voice report is committed to respect the confidentiality of your report.

If you choose to be anonymous, understand that it will hinder the College's ability to provide additional support directly to the person or people involved in the incident and / or do follow up which might normally be deemed as important or required.

If you choose to have your identity known, your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your permission. Note that if your report includes information that indicates that any individual is a danger to themselves, others, or property, it may be necessary to further report this information to the proper person or persons (such as The Wellness Center or the Dean of Students) who will still maintain confidentiality. When having your identity known, you might be contacted as part of follow up to your report.

Report an Incident