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   My Voice

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What is My Voice?

My Voice is a reporting system designed for you. You can submit information that will help the college to assess the pulse of the Westminster community in terms of culture, diversity and inclusion issues.

What information can you submit?

  • Incidents of intolerance regarding:
  • Race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, and any other forms.
  • Incidents may include:
  • Acts of discrimination, unfair treatment, physical/verbal violence, bullying, and other forms.
  • You may inform us about incidents that happened to you, or that you may have witnessed happen to others.

Why should you submit information?

By submitting information you are helping:

  • Yourself because you have decision making power to take the first step and act.
  • Others because you are voicing concerns that exist in our community and affect us all.
  • Westminster College to get an exact image of what happens on campus in order to help the college identify and prioritize efforts and resources accordingly.

How is this information used?

To provide relevant educational programming on issues of culture, climate, diversity and inclusion on Westminster College’s campus.

My Voice is not…

  • A disciplinary system – no disciplinary action can be taken in response to the concerns via information received by My Voice.
  • A sexual misconduct reporting system.
  • An emergency service.
  • In case of an emergency situation, contact WC Security at573-592-5555 and/or Fulton Police at 911 or 573-592-3100

Seeking disciplinary action?

If you are a student, refer to the student handbook.
If you are a member of the College's faculty and /or staff, you should refer to the employee handbook and / or the faculty handbook