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Issues of Campus Climate

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Campus climate is ameasure -real or perceived - of the campus environment as it relates to interpersonal, academic, and professional interactions. (Study Group on University Diversity Campus Climate Report by the University of California)

In a healthy campus climate, individuals and groups feel welcomed, respected, valued, and supported by the College. Such an environment is grounded in respect for others, nurtured by dialogue between those of differeing perspectives, and evidencede by a pattern of civil interactions among community members. (Study Group on University Diversity Campus Climate Report by the University of California)

Westminster College strives to create a caring campus environment that inspires its students, faculty, and staff to appreciate and internalize the values of integrity, fairness, respect for others and their property, and responsibility. Furthermore, we envision a campus culture that brings to reality our vision of free and open thought and speech that nurtures educational experience grounded in the diversity of our campus community.

Members of the Westmisnter Community can and should utilize My Voice to report instances or incidents in which the core values of the College and / or the vision for the campus described above are not being upheld. This includes episodes where members of our community were intimidated, bullied, or felt unwelcomed, disrespected, and unsupported.

Only through the reporting of instances where and when the campus climate is unhealthy can we, as an institution and a community, begin to address the issues and achieve our vision of a healthy campus.

Report an Incident
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