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Rice Hall

Meet your RAs
Rice Hall was named after Westminster professor John Jay Rice, 1842-1920. Professor Rice was Vice President and Dean as well as Acting President of the College.

Celeste Cummings, Senior RA 

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Describe yourself in 3 words: Goofy, Passionate, Thoughtful
Why Westminster:
I love that Westminster is such a small community. Lots of one on one attention and help from professors as well as classmates.
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there?
I see myself in an MD/Ph.D. program. Westmisnter will hel pme get there by providing awesome undergraduate science classes and undergraduate research. 
Favorite class and why:
My favorite class was World Religions because I was able to learn about a variety of culture and religions, which is something that I am interested in. 
Fondest WestMo memory:
My fondest 'Westminster' memory is when my freshman roommate and I helped create Black Student Union on campus. 
What motivates you:
My mom motivates me, I feel like if she can do it then I can do it too.
Advice to an incoming student: Organization is key!
Clubs and Organizations: 
The Black Student Union (BSU), Campus Activities Board, Westminster Student Ambassadors.


Khaled KhaliliKhaled
Major: Psychology
Minor: None
Hometown: Damascus, Syria
Describe yourself in 3 words: Creative, Open, Caring
Why Westminster? 
I really enjoy the small comunity feeling. And Westminster provides that while still being a great school with amazing faculity and staff. I got to be friends with most my professors. And make friendships with students from all over the states and the world. In other words, WHY NOT WESTMINSTER!! 
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there?
I see myself having the best time finishing my Psychology masters and preparing to play a role in making this world a better place. Westminster is giving me the opportunity to develop and practice my leadership skills while providing me with great connections in the loving WestMo family!  
What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class last semester was statistics. Because I have been fearing math and how hard it would be for a long time. Until Westminster showed me that with the right professor, dedication and participation in class, even the hardest of subjects that isn't at all in my career plans can end up fun and rewarding.
What is currently your fondest ‘Westminster’ memory?
My fondest memory is attending the ninth Undergraduate Scholars Forum. Where over a 100 students presented their research projects that they have been conducting. And got me so excited to see some really original well crafted ideas from co-students like me. It was entertaining and educational in a non traditional way!
What Motivates You?
Wanting to achieve more. and leave a good footprint behind me.
Advice to an incoming student: 
Prepare to experience something different and new. Learn how to cock a good meal or two to impress them ladies and gents ;) and be confident that people here care about you
Clubs and Organizations:
ACM, Black Student Union (BSU), Environmentally Concerned Students (ECoS), WestMo Residential Life Staff  


Abby Beach

Major: Biochemistry (biological emphasis)
Minor: None
Home Town: Lexington, MO
Describe yourself in 3 words: Responsible, Caring, Reliable
Why Westminster?
I went to a small high school, and Westminster maintained the small class size and teacher/student relationships that I was accustomed to. Westminster also has a very good reputation in my chosen area of study.
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there? 
I plan to go to medical school after graduation. A lot of students who have attended Westminster have attended medical school, and the advisers in the biology department are very experienced when it comes to helping students apply to and get accepted to medical school.
What is your favorite class and why? 
I honestly love all my classes because college education promotes an entirely new level of learning. But, I am especially fond of my biology classes because they allow me to better understand the world around me.
What is currently your fondest ‘Westminster’ memory?
I will be forever grateful for all of the memories I made with the Marquess Hall Suite C Suite Hearts during my freshman year at Westminster College.
What Motivates You? 
I am motivated by my future plans and my desire to help people as a doctor.
Advice to an incoming student: 
STUDY! College is way different than high school and it is better to study too much than not enough.
Clubs and Organizations:
Student Ambassadors, Choir, Westminster Journal for Global Progress, Tri Beta Biology Club, Westminster Honors Program, Pre-Healthcare Professionals Club

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