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Weigle Hall

Meet your RAs
Weigle Hall was named after Otis Melvin Weigle, a well-respected and brilliant Westminster chemistry professor from the early twentieth century.



Emily Nordseick

Major: Business Administration

Home Town: Lexington, MO
Describe yourself in 3 words: Hardworking, Interesting, Busy (in a good way)
Why Westminster?
I visited a lot of different campuses, but Westminster was the only one I could really picture myself at. I loved the idea of being able to make a lot of strong and meaningful connections with my professors and fellow students.
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there?
I honestly don't know quite yet, except for in general having a super cool job. And I know Westminster can get me there because of the great connections it has with amazing companies and people all over the world.
What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class this last semester was Microeconomics, not only was the topic really interesting to me, but the teacher started off the first day of the semester by calling himself and "A" Breaker. I thought it was funny and enjoyed the challenge of the class.
What is currently your fondest ‘Westminster’ memory?
This is a very hard one, I have so many! I know this might be a little weird, but one time my entire suite packed into a car and went to Taco Bell at 1 am and we went back to the suite and just stayed up and sang Celine Dion and gossiped until an ungodly hour. Just nights like those where I knew I had made amazing friends that would last for the next few years and beyond had a way of making life seem so much better.
What Motivates You?
I've always been very self-motivated by my drive to be successful and to make the most out of life. And I know that has a lot of different meanings to different people, but I really enjoy being a part of something, and helping make other peoples lives easier or better in some way.
Advice to an incoming student:
Try new things and be open to new experiences. It's okay if it doesn't work out, I feel like that's kind of what college is for. I have so many more opportunities at Westminster and I don't want to look back on my time here and ask myself "Why didn't I try that?"
Clubs and Organizations:
Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Member of Student Ambassadors, The Campus Activities Board's Creative Publicity Chair and Special Events Chair.


David Sissac                                                                                                          

Major: Psychology and Sociology
Home Town: Chicago, IL
Describe yourself in 3 words: Honest, Kind, Dreamer
Why Westminster?
It is a smaller school that values close connections and has community values. It's home at this point.
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there?
I don't know where my future will take my exactly. I just know I'll be well equipped for it because of all the resources Westminster has given me.
What is your favorite class and why?
Fencing. I found love in that sport 
What is currently your fondest ‘Westminster’ memory?
Anytime I've been sitting in my room and bonding with people friends who came over thinking we would be studying.
What Motivates You?
The people I care about in my life and my desire to help others.
Advice to an incoming student:
Don't worry. We all fall down. There are people here who can help you get back up. Don't be afraid go take some time adjusting.
Clubs and Organizations: Phi Delta Theta. Fencing Club. Anime Club. Tabletop Club. Quiz Bowl.

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