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Westminster Apartments

Meet your RAs
The Westminster Apartments were built in 2004. Each apartment houses 4 residents and contains 4 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms.

Kelsey Ray
Major: Elementary education 
Hometown: Dixon, MO
Describe yourself in 3 words: Modivated, Hard working,Non-judgemental.
Why Westminster? 
Westminster is such a great school to get a good education while having people make you feel at home. 
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there?
I see myself working in an elementary school as a counselor. I feel like Westminster is such a good school that what ever path I chose I will be fully prepared.
What is your favorite class and why?
Any of Dr. Bum's classes because they are always easy to pay attention to and the time goes by so fast.
What Motivates You?
My dad. He has always taught me to give 110% and I never want to disappoint him.
Advice to an incoming student:
Live it up. Freshman was the best year I have ever had in school! 
Clubs and Organizations: Woman's basketball, Kappa Alpha Theta.


Amber TepenAmber
Major: Secondary Education.
Minor: Psychology
Hometown: St. Charles, MO
Describe yourself in 3 words: Athletic, Compassionate, Driven 
Why Westminster? The sense of community really drew me in, and it provided me with the main aspects I was looking for in a school. These included being close to home, a small school so I could get to know my professors on a personal level, and I would be able to play softball.
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how did Westminster help you get there? 
I plan to teach high school social studies and continue my education to receive a Master’s Degree. 
What is your favorite class and why? 
My history class with Dr. Brown has been my favorite class so far because U.S. History is one of my favorite subjects and Dr. Brown is an amazing teacher. She teaches in a way that I can remember information and review for the test instead of trying to learn the information the night before the test
What is currently your fondest ‘Westminster’ memory? 
My memories in my suite my freshman year have been some of my greatest memories at Westminster. The girls in my suite have become my best friends
What Motivates You? 
The end result being success and knowing that others will be proud of me when I get those successful results.  
Advice to an incoming student: Be open to new opportunities and new people
Clubs and Organizations: Softball Team, Student Foundation, Residential Advisor. 

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