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Wetterau Hall

Meet your RAs
Wetterau Hall was named in 1978 after Mrs. Edna Wetterau Miller and her son Ted of the Class of 1951. Ted served on the Board and Edna's grandsons, Mark and Conrad, also attended Westminster. This family line will now forever live in Westminster's history.

Sawyer Young

Major: History, Archaeology (Self Designed) 
Minor: Chemistry
Hometown: Fulton Missouri
Describe yourself in 3 words: Artistic, Learner, Caring 
Why Westminster? 
I grew up on campus. My mother works here and I’ve always felt a part of this community. I feel at home here at Westminster, and I enjoy the small campus feel. I wouldn’t give up the quality of my education here for anything. 
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there?
I plan on applying for graduate school shortly after graduation to pursue a graduate degree in Archaeology. Westminster’s faculty has such excellent perspectives and provide wonderful advice when it comes to planning for the future. The one-on-one interaction really helps make each advisory period unique and personal, something to look forward to.
What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class would have to be my freshman seminar. It was about Social Justice, and we learned how to take action in our own communities to initiate change for the better. It really helped give me some new perspectives of the world around me.
What is currently your fondest ‘Westminster’ memory? 
My favorite memory is taking day trips with friends to state parks. We really enjoyed ourselves and we were inspired to return because of a Campus Activities Board event. We went with several other students to Rockbridge State Park, and it was a really refreshing!
What Motivates You?
Challenge. Any time I really have to work to accomplish something, I feel an urge to do my best.
An interesting fact about you: I earned my Eagle Scout in August of 2012.
Advice to an incoming student:
You will make mistakes. Don’t let them get to you. Making mistakes is a part of being a human being. Do your best to learn from your mistakes. It takes some serious critical thinking, but there are lots of resources for you on campus. You aren’t alone at Westminster.
Clubs and Organizations:
Tennis, History Club, Alliance, Honors Program, Chemistry Club, Blue Jay Band, Resident Advisors.

Lydia Hale

Minor: Spanish
Home Town: Martinsburg, MO
Describe yourself in 3 words: Loyal, Competitive, Responsible 
Why Westminster?
It's small and you have a good connection with professors and students.
Where do you see yourself after graduation and how is Westminster helping you get there?
I see myself in nursing school. Westminster is preparing me for those classes.
What is your favorite class and why?
I have three, Spanish, Math, and Biology because of the professors and the curriculum.
What is currently your fondest ‘Westminster’ memory?
When I was initiated into Theta.
What Motivates You?
Seeing the good that happens and how you inspire others.
Advice to an incoming student:
Be yourself and talk to professors. They will help with the transition along with upperclassmen.
Clubs and Organizations:
Basketball, Choir, Kappa Alpha Theta, Residential Advisor, and A Capella Club 

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