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Upperclassmen Housing Selection

Process and Timeline

Room Selection for the 2018-19 academic year begins on February 12, 2018. Please read all of the following information to learn about the process, as well as important dates and deadlines.

Students who wish to live in the Westminster Grove Townhouses or Westminster Apartments will participate in an online, real-time housing selection process via MyWC. This process allows students the opportunity to select their own roommates, create housing groups, and request housing accommodations. Students who wish to live in a campus residence hall do NOT need to use the online program to participate in room selection. That process will begin after Townhouse and Apartment selection has concluded.

In preparation for room selection, students have a responsibility to do the following:
• Confirm their personal academic record is accurate and up to date, with all transfer credit on file with the Registrar’s Office prior to February 12, 2018.
• Insure they are in good financial standing with the Business Office and their student account is free of any holds. 
• Find students they would like to live with; six total students are needed for a Townhouse, four total students are needed for an Apartment.

Each student is assigned a personal lottery number, which is a reflection of their academic record and performance at the College. By using lottery numbers, a student’s academic record remains private and confidential, but their performance is reflected by specific weighted variables.

The lottery number is considered when Townhouses and/or Apartments are awarded. Once a student forms a housing group, each lottery numbers is added and the group’s total is ranked against that of other groups. The higher a group’s number, the higher their ranking. The top ranking groups are those which will be awarded a Townhouse or Apartment.

There will be 16 Townhouses and 12 apartments available for selection.

Additional Room Selection Guidelines:

• Only fully formed groups will be eligible to compete for a Townhouse (6) or Apartment (4).
• If your group wants to include a student who is not currently enrolled at Westminster, the student would need to pay a tuition deposit to the College and confirm their academic record to receive a manually created lottery number.
• To form a housing group, each roommate must confirm and accept their place in the group.
• Students may only be in one group at a time.
• If your housing group receives a Townhouse or Apartment and wishes to disband the group, each member of the group must email reslife@westminster-mo.edu and agree to break the group.
• If a student in your original housing group does not return to campus to occupy their reserved space, the group may replace them with a student of equitable value to retain their unit. However, if they are unable to find an equitable replacement the entire group may forfeit their housing reservation.
• It is possible for a group to be “bumped” from their ranking by a newly registered group. If this happens, the group will receive an e-mail notifying them they are no longer holding a reservation. The group will then be disbanded and the members will be permitted to form a new group to attempt to compete for a unit.

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