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Westminster College Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is comprised of campus security and staff members who meet on a weekly basis to discuss areas of concern and preventative measures for the health and safety of the campus community. If you have questions or concerns regarding health and safety on campus you may email wcsafety@westminster-mo.edu or call 592-5555.

The charge to the campus Safety Committee is to develop a comprehensive, campus-wide safety program with appropriate policies and measures designed to promote safety awareness, safe practices, and the maintenance of safe facilities and equipment.

Mission Statement
We, the Safety Committee, believe the people of Westminster College - students, faculty, and staff - are our most important assets. The preservation of their safety and health will remain a constant consideration in every phase of our activities. We will be proactive in our efforts by:

  • Informing the campus community of safe working and living practices

  • Alerting the campus community in the event of an emergency

  • Protecting the campus community through continued training and improvements

The Westminster College Safety Committee objectives are to build an injury-free working environment; to be prepared for the unexpected; to ensure a safe campus for students, visitors, employees; preserve campus property and
equipment. We accept the responsibility to be as prepared as possible and to ready all members of the campus community to perform their roles in any situation to provide the following:

The core committee membership should ideally include representatives from the following: Environmental Health and Safety, Security, Plant Operations, and the student body. Satellite membership should include representatives from Counseling and Health, Human Resources, the Athletic Department, faculty, and staff. The meeting environment is to be one that creates a high level of interest and awareness where any and all safety issues can be discussed. The committee shall meet at least bi-monthly for the duration of one hour, record minutes from each meeting, and preserve the minutes for a minimum of active plus six years.

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