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Student Organizations Handbook

Table of Contents
(Download the Full Version Below)

I. How to Start a Student Organization

II. Student Organization Registration Form

III. Constitution Checklist

IV. Important Phone Numbers

V. Mission Statements & Campus Policies
a. Westminster College Mission Statement
b. Center for Leadership and Service Mission Statement
c. Student Activities Mission Statement
d. Policies
i. Student Event Risk Management Form
ii. General Liability Release Agreement
iii. Private Transportation Release Consent Form
iv. Off-Campus Travel Form

VI. Goals & Assessment
a.Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals
b.Assessment Instrument for Group Members

VII. Working with Organization's Members
a. Student Organization Advisor Responsibilities
b. How to Retain Members
c. Delegate
d. Motivating Members
e. Herzberg's Motivation Theory
f. Conflict Resolution
g. Howe to Deal with Problem Members
h. Ways to Kill Almost Any Organization

VIII. Conducting a Meeting
a. Stages to a Productive Meeting
b. Tips for Conducting a Meeting
c. Sample Agenda
d. Was our meeting effective?
e. Parliamentary Procedure Tips

IX. Planning a Successful Event
a. Event Planning Checklist
b. Publicity Checklist
c. Event Evaluation Form
d. Reserve Rooms on Campus
e. Student Facilities
f. Student Facility/ Room Reservation Request
g. Request for Permission to Have a Third Party Vendor

X. Funding
a. Rules of Finance Committee
b. Finance Committee Forms
c. Fundraising Ideas


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