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Final Exam Schedules

Fall 2015

December 9-12

Exam Time

Exam Time

Exam Time

Exam Time

8:30 a.m.

12:00 noon

3:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

Date of Exam

All Classes Meeting

All Classes Meeting

All Classes Meeting

All Classes Meeting


Dec 9

No Exam

MWF - 11:00

(Westminster Seminar Time Period in Fall.)

MWF - 1:00

M/W Evening (4 PM and later)

& All Sections of MAT 090/111/121


Dec 10

MWF - 3:00

TR - 9:30

MWF - 8:00

Tues/Thurs Eve

(5:15 p.m. and after)

& All sections of MAT114 & MAT124


Dec 11

TR - 1:00

MWF - 9:00

MWF - 2:00

TR - 2:30


Dec 12

TR - 8:00

MWF - 10:00

TR - 4:00

No Exam

Daytime classes meeting at times other than those scheduled above will make use of the examination period scheduled for classes covering the largest portion of the usual class meeting time.

Final examinations are given at the option of the instructor. If given, they must be administered at the time scheduled above. Last unit exams also must be given at this time unless the examination period is used for: a) comprehensive final, b) the due date for final work in the course, or c) some comparable concluding assignment or examination.

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